Spider Plant Hawaiian is among the majority of remarkable plants. Hawaiian spider plant is additionally called Golden Glow. This unique plant has a tiny, portable dimension (small in size) with glossy green leaves in great tones of champagne. It’s easy to propagate and is the best enhancement to a living room. It has broader leaves than other Spider Plants. 

Hawaiian spider Plant
Hawaiian spider plant

The Hawaiian plant is an exciting selection with variegation on its new-fallen leaves; as the fallen leaves age, the variegation discolors– providing this houseplant a multicolor look.

Spider Hawaiian Plant (Green Variegated) is an exotic houseplant. The green variegated version is a hybrid of the typical spider plant.

Features of Spider Hawaiian Plant

Full sun to partial shade
Very little water
Not Frost hardy
Moist and free draining

 A Hawaiian plant is somewhat different from its other family members. With a variegated pattern, when this plant is a baby, the color of its fallen leaves is white, light green, and cream, yet as it ages, it becomes dark green.

It also generates tiny yet attractive flowers. They can extend approximately 30 inches; nonetheless, many of its blossoms fall off, and only some stay to reproduce.

A Hawaiian spider plant and is a combination of all other kinds of Chlorophytum. It begins variegated, but eventually, the blades turn green as the plant grows. They will also begin out variegated and also turn green when it produces babies.

It will surely make your environments look beautiful and maintain the environment green and clean if you add this plant to your house! It is one of the best indoor and outdoor plants.

Scientific NameChlorophytum Viridescen
Plant Habit:Grass/Grass-like
Sun Requirements:Full Sun to Partial Shade
Partial or Dappled Shade
LightBright light
Height18-24 inches
Spread12-18 inches
HardinessZones 9b-11
OriginTropical Africa
WaterWater routinely in spring and summer season, water a lot more sparingly in cold weather
RepottingRepot if needed in springtime, circulate by pushing plantlets (children!) into damp soil.
Growing Difficulty​​Easy
Pet FriendlyYes!
Life cycle:Perennial
Air PurifyingYes!
Leaves:Unusual foliage color
Containers:Suitable in 1 gallon
Suitable in 3 gallon or larger
Prefers to be under-potted
Best Time To PlantMarch – August
Hawaiian Plant

Planting Method of Hawaiian Spider Plant

From Early Springtime to Late Summer Season

Set a tiny pot filled with wet potting mix alongside the plant to take baby plants from the mother plant. Sink a brand-new plantlet right into the soil of the small pot to make sure that the root buds are hardly covered.

You might require a bent paperclip to hold the plantlet in place. It should root in 2-3 weeks. After that time, sever it from the moms and dad plant.

Hawaiian Spider Plant Care

  • A Hawaiian spider plant will not call for extreme care. While it is an elementary plant to grow, it could not grow and make every effort if you don’t take proper care of it.
  • To look after these plants, keep their soil damp by carefully sprinkling a few times a week. These plants need to be held in a bright-light location inside, out of straight sunshine.
  • Grow this spider plant in wet, well-draining soil completely sunlight to partial shade where it can reach up to 6-12 inches (15-30 centimeters) long.
  • Well, a Spider Hawaiian plant simulates staying moist. So, if you live in a cooler area where there’s less humidity, then attempt misting your plant occasionally to keep it satisfied and also healthy!
  • This plant does not call for way too much water, but you shouldn’t also undersea it. Too much water can bring about root rot, so it is far better to water this plant periodically but not as often!
  • You ought to not offer your Hawaiian spider plant excessive direct sunlight. Must keep it in partial shade, and some parts of the day, you could want to maintain this plant in direct sunshine.
  • Try to position this plant in an area where it can obtain some early morning straight sun and partial sunlight throughout the day.


From Early Spring to Late Summer:

The plantlets expanding on wiry stems from the mother plant – typically called “babies” – are simple to increase, providing you a continuous supply of plants. Without a doubt success, pick young, tiny plantlets for proliferating because the bigger plantlets are older and will root slowly.

Hawaiian spider plant (Types of Spider Plants)
Hawaiian spider plant


Full Grown Hawaiian spider plant is additionally known as Golden Glow. A Hawaiian spider plant and is a combination of all various other kinds of Chlorophytum comosum. It begins out variegated; however, the blades transform green as the plant matures at some point.

To take baby plants from the mom plant, established a tiny pot filled up with wet potting mix next to the plant. After that time, cut it from the parent plant. It is most easy to grow plant and you must have to add it your collection of house plants. It looks Awesome in your home as a hanging plant.

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