Purple Spider Plant

Purple Spider Plant is a fast-growing annual plant quantity of all kinds of spider plants. The fallen leaves of this plant are fragrant, palmate eco-friendly in colour. It also produces rich violet blossoms, which are gently wonderful smelling. They are similarly referred to as ‘purple spider plant flower’ plants.

Most Commonly Used Name: Spider Plant ‘Violet Queen‘ also know as Purple Queen Spider Plant.

Purple Spider Plant
Purple Spider Plant

Spider Plant with Purple Flowers grows to 3 to 4 feet and spreads 1 to 2 feet. This plant requires full sunlight, well-drained dirt, and additionally typical watering. This plant looks incredibly eye-catching in the winter for its charming blossoms.

Botanical nameCleome hassleriana
Common NameSpider Plant ‘Violet Queen’
Plant TypeAnnuals
Plant FamilyCleome – Spider Flowers
ExposureFull Sun
Season of InterestSummer (Early, Mid, Late) Fall
Height3′-4(90cm – 120cm)
Spread1′- 2(30cm – 60cm)
Spacing18″ – 24″ (45cm – 60cm)
Water NeedsLow, Average
Soil TypeChalk, Loam, Sand
Soil pHAcid, Alkaline, Neutral
Soil DrainageWell-Drained
CharacteristicsCut Flowers, Fragrant, Showy
ToleranceDrought, Rabbit
AttractsBirds, Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Garden UsesBeds and Borders
Garden StylesInformal and Cottage, Prairie and Meadow
Over view Purple Plant

They rise above handsome, aromatic, palmate green dropped leaves with a spinal column at the base of each fallen leaf. The eye-catching blossoms are complied with by thin seed husks that will undoubtedly split open before distributing the seed within.

Purple Spider Plant Description

Including good interest and delicate airiness to the perennial border, Cleome hassleriana Violet Queen (Variegated Purple Spider Plant) is a quick expanding annual plant with significant, loosened balls 5-6 in. across (12-15 centimetres) of gently aromatic, rich violet flowers with attractive long stamens that extend out, giving them a spider-like look.

They rise above beautiful foliage of fragrant, palmate green leaves with a spinal column at the base of each leaf. The attractive blossoms are adhered to by slim seed hulls that split open before spreading the seed within. Growing over a reasonably extended period, from early summertime till frost, Spider Flower continues to be appealing in the cold season thanks to its dried out flower heads, which will undoubtedly be seen in fall by birds that prey on the seeds.

  • Intensely growing up to 4 ft. high (120 cm) and 18-24 in. vast (45-60 cm), Spider Blossom is an ideal addition to borders and beds, home yards, butterfly yards and containers. Perfect in history growings as well as combined with hedges.
  • Executes ideal completely sun or light colour in average, dry to tool dampness, well-drained dirt. When developed, heat and also dry spell forgiving.
  • It may be grown from seeds. Sow seeds outdoors after all risk of frost has passed or inside 6-8 weeks before the last springtime frost day. Will easily self-seed under acceptable expanding conditions.
  • Typically pest or condition free.
  • Relatively low maintenance, include this stylish and lovely plant to the landscape as well, as you will be compensated with bountiful happy butterflies, hummingbirds and birds. Rabbit immune.
  • If self-seeding is not preferred, without delay, eliminate the seed cases.
  • Belonging to Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and southerly Brazil.

Sowing Guide

Deepness: Surface sow and push in lightly; it needs light to sprout.

Sprout Time: 5-30 days.

Beginning Indoors:

  1. Sow 6-8 weeks indoors before growing out after the last frost.
  2. Maintain 60-70F.
  3. Rise germination by initial cooling flat in the fridge for two weeks.

Beginning Outdoors: Direct sow 1– 2 weeks before last springtime frost day.

Positioning & Farming

Cleome, or spider plant, requires little treatment, making it best for back areas or borders hard to maintain. Long flowering, new buds remain to open up as well as create up from the centre as old blossoms decrease. Deer pollinator-friendly as well as immune, it makes a good cut bloom, also– beware of the tiny thorns on the stems. Self-sows.

Final Spacing: 2′.

Soil pH: Prefers a little acidic to neutral.

Water Use: Low Water Usage.

Watering: Water regularly till developed, then just during dry spells.

Fertilizer: Mix in several inches of garden compost before growing.

Diseases & Pests: If aphids show up, hose plants down several times a week or spray with a bar of insecticidal soap. Stop mould and rust by embedding in an area with excellent air circulation and correct spacing.

Garden treatment

For early blossoms, sow under glass in the late winter season or spring. Plant seeds approximately 1cm deep in a seed tray consisting of excellent garden compost and keep cosy. When large adequate to manage, pot on as well as harden off before planting outside.

Alternatively, plant thinly outdoors in a bright bed; nevertheless, the risk of frost has passed. Slim to 45cm as they expand on. Prevent over-watering as well as dead-head frequently to maintain the plants creating more flowers. Secure them from solid winds and also frosts.

  • Sow: February-June.
  • Flowering: July-September.
  • Approximate amount: 125 seeds.

Purple Spider Plant Care

Cleome requires light to germinate, plant the seed externally of wet seed garden compost, and don’t cover. Water from below, sprinkling from above, will undoubtedly wash apart the seeds. Cleome seed startings despise root disruption, so they are best grown in modular trays or deep 9cm, 3-inch pots.

Cleomes like excellent light levels as well as germinate most quickly if planted quite late in the spring. Preferably they need to be sown in April or May – not previously.

Planted earlier, the seeds might rot before they grow. Cleomes likewise likes lots of warmth. At 70-75F, as well as providing adequate light, germination must occur in 14– 28.

Once the seed startings are several inches tall, they can be pinched out to encourage side shoot development leading to bushier plants. Pot on seed startings into 12cm or 5inch pots to expand on and solidify off for 10 to 14 days before planting out after the last frosts.

Plant them in the garden in a warm, sheltered setting once the frosts more than in May. Room them kindly, so they have room to grow and safeguard the plants from strong winds, laying if necessary.

Purple Spider Plant with flowers
Purple Spider Plant with flowers


They are likewise referred to as ‘purple spider plant blossom’ plants. Beginning Indoors: Sow inside 6-8 weeks before planting out after the last frost. Plant seeds approximately 1cm deep in a seed tray having good garden compost and keep warm. Prevent over-watering and also dead-head routinely to maintain the plants creating even more blossoms.

Pot on seed startings right into 12cm or 5inch pots to grow on and harden off for 10 to 14 days before growing out after the last frosts.

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