Queries About Spider Plant Cats and Dogs are very commonly searched on Internet. As all the pet lovers care for there pets and for their plants as well so here we are going to discuss this :

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a prominent houseplant and a typical component in hanging baskets. There’s no denying when it comes to plants and cats that cats seem strangely drawn to this houseplant.

So what’s the bargain right here? Does the spider plant give off a fragrance that attracts cats? Why on earth are your cats consuming spider plant vegetation?

While the plant does offer a subtle scent, hardly visible to us, this is not what draws in the animals. Maybe it’s because cats normally like points that are wiggly as well as your cat is brought into the hanging spiderettes on the plant., or perhaps cats have a fondness for spider plants out of dullness.

Spider Plant Cats
Spider Plant Cats

Many tourists come to see both, with practical explanations, but neither is the main factor in attracting visitors. Nope. Because they are mildly hallucinogenic, cats mainly like spider plants.

Yes, it’s true. Similar in nature to the results of catnip, these plants produce chemicals that generate your feline’s compulsive actions and attraction. Some cats get in the way of houseplants if you are both a plant fiend and a cat owner.

They like eating on fallen leaves, oversleeping the dirt, and, in some cases, even … utilize plants as litter boxes. Ugh! They’re all fond of Chlorophytum comosum, another common name for the spider plant.

Why do cats like spider plants? As well as a lot more importantly, is spider plant safe for cats? Here are some things to know about spider plants for cats to help make your decision.

Is Spider Plant Toxic to Cats?

If someone has cats and dogs and spider plants in their house, there’s a question in their mind: Is Spider Plant Poisonous to Cats? Here’s the answer for that:

The ASPCA lists Spider Plant kingdoms as non-toxic for both cats and canines. But, the Spider Plant draws in cats partly because it is mildly hallucinogenic. Since cats are most likely to have fun with the plant, they’re more likely to eat it and, consequently, suffer from an upset stomach, throwing up, or looseness of the bowels. So, I suggest that you prevent these Plants if you have a pet cat.

You might have become aware of the so-called hallucinogenic buildings found in spider plants. Possibly not. However, according to some resources, research studies have discovered that this plant certainly creates a moderate hallucinogenic impact on felines, though this is claimed to be harmless.

Spider plants contain chemical substances that are claimed to be connected to opium. While taken into consideration non-toxic, these substances can still result in indigestion, throwing up, and looseness of the bowels. Because of this, it is suggested that you maintain cats far from the plants to prevent any spider plant poisoning, no matter its light impacts. As individuals, all cats are different, and what impacts one mildly might affect one more differently.

Is Spider Plant Safe for Cats?

The ASPCA says that Spider plants don’t harm cats. This is simply a fact, but in spite of that, you might still discover vomit every now and then, even if your pet cat consumes a spider plant. As pointed out above, although spider plants are safe and secure for cats, these plants could make your cat trip a bit too. 

Although the impacts are reported to be mild, you must still maintain plants inaccessible. We don’t want confused cats entering into crashes, nevertheless!

Why Do Cats Like Spider Plants?

Many theories exist over why so many cats are brought into spider plants. These plants are very dangly, so your pet cat might be drawn into the playfulness of the plant. Your feline tries to play with the plant and also winds up eating some of it as it does so. However, that isn’t always the instance.

Is Spider Plant Toxic to Cats
Is Spider Plant Toxic to Cats

Nevertheless, some cats are not playing with the spider plant– they’re simply consuming it. It may be since spider plants are gently hallucinogenic, specifically why some cats like it. That’s right– your feline likes it because they have a chemical attraction. Possibly they inadvertently consumed a little bit at some time, such as just how it made them feel. Currently, they keep returning for more.

While it is hallucinogenic, it isn’t toxic. It’s catnip in this fashion. It makes cats feel excellent and is not particularly dangerous to eat. Suppose you have a multi-feline household like I do. In that case, you may notice that your younger felines are extra interested in tasting your houseplants than the older ones.

In the meantime, this gives plant lovers hope that our feline friends might eat less plants sooner– or at the very least, avoid treating our houseplants like their own salad bar.

How Do You Stop Cats from Eating Your Spider Plant?

Even if spider plants are risk-free for cats, nobody wants to see their valuable houseplants consumed. Right here are some things to try to take your spider plants off the food choice possibly:

Keep your spider plants in various spaces.

Preserving your houseplants in the position where your feline close friend can’t get in is always a good way to keep the peace. For instance, many people keep houseplants in bathrooms to take the humidity.

Preserve your spider plants in hanging baskets

If viable, try to hang your plants in areas where your pet feline can not reach them. This particularly relates to spider plants, which look lovely when increased in hanging planters anyhow.

Ensure your cat has lots of enrichment

Amongst the reasons that your feline might intimidate your favorite houseplant is that it’s worn out! Try to make playing with your pet feline part of your day-to-day regimen to exercise its power. 

Consider expanding plants, particularly for your pet dog cat.

While several houseplants are harmful to cats, there are feline-friendly options just for them! There are lots of family pet feline turf as well as catnip plants on the market for your pet cat to chew at its recreation. Also, luckily, they are truly easy to increase from seed in your home. Keeping these more suitable plants around will certainly assist keep your family pet cat from searching down your valued spider plants instead.


When it comes to spiders and how they get along with plants, there’s no denying cats love this houseplant. Maybe, it’s because cats just normally like all things dangly, and your feline is merely brought into the hanging spiderettes on the plant, or possibly cats have an affinity for spider plants out of boredom.

It is suggested that to prevent any plant toxicity, cats and plants should be kept away from one another. Assuming your kitty is safe, spider plants might be a little dangerous for your feline. Spider plants are dangly, so your cat might be brought into the playfulness of the plant.

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