In this article we will discus about the Spider Plant Fertilizers. Most of the plants in your house require proper fertilization, but some plants need more fertilizer than others. Spider plants are tremendously challenging, so they have not deprived house plants. They can easily continue to exist without fertilizer; they only need water once a week. It is best time for refreshment of your spider plant from winter’s laziness and fertilizes them properly.

These plants need vivid light and require temperature above 50 degrees F. A well-consuming, well-aerating pot is best for fertilization.  They would like to grow in humidity so, water them regularly in the growing season and mist the plant. Before watering the spider plant, keep the water at room temperature for at least 24 hours, or give them rainy water. 

Spider Plant Fertilizer
Spider Plant Fertilizer

Why do Spider Plants Need Fertilization?

Fertilization is significant for indoor plants as it gives the same growth rate to plants inside your house that they would experience outside the house. Spider plants need fertilization to make a noticeable distinction in how much the plant grows during the spring season. The best choice is to feed them during the spring and summer seasons. Because in winter and fall season, they are going through an inactive state.

Types of Spider Plant Fertilizers

Organic vs. Inorganic

Both the fertilizers have an equal effect, but organic fertilizer is the best choice for a spider plant. These fertilizers do not allow using foreign chemicals in the soil. 

Organic fertilizers are frequently slow-releasing, so don’t use excessive salt and chemicals. This method also ensures that to not over-fertilize the plant.  The inorganic fertilizer makes your plants more vulnerable to vermin. Two types of fertilizers are suitable for spider plants which are as follows:

Pellet Fertilizer

A pellet fertilizer is fertilizer that is placed in the soil fertilizing it during the spring season. March is the best season to place it in soil because it is a slow-releasing pellet. If your spider plant is placed outside, make sure that the temperature is not blown 50 degrees before you fertilize your plant. 

Liquid Fertilizer

During the growing season, liquid fertilizers are the most commonly used fertilizer. This will give a substantial boost of nutrients to the spider plants. Spider plants require this fertilizer once a month during the summer and spring seasons. Please do not exceed the limit of fertilization because it causes salt to collect at the bottom of the soil.

When to Fertilize Spider Plants?

The best time for fertilizing spider plants is the growing season (spring-summer season).  The autumn and winters are not the good seasons for fertilization, so we should give the plant some space for rest. The time also depends on the fertilizer we use. If we choose a slow discharge fertilizer, one or two applications per year are best for spider plants. But if we use some other type of fertilizers, then they require more applications.

How to Fertilize Spider Plants?

As the instructions is the most important thing to read carefully before using fertilizer, only if it is not a home-grown fertilizer. Ensure that you do not apply the overdose and apply the lower dose than advised.

If you do not want to use foreign fertilizer, which usually has chemicals that can harm the plant for a long time, you can choose the mixed fertilization plan. In this process, the two types of fertilizers are used. First, apply the foreign fertilizer, then the next dose will be homemade. Some chemicals used in commercial fertilizers are a significant danger for the fertilization process. Homemade fertilizers are also used as they control the excess of fertilization. You can also use organic and inorganic fertilizer along with well-fermented guano, coffee grounds, etc.

Tips on Spider Plant Fertilizing

  • Spider plant is considered the easiest to manage and a well-known houseplant.
  • The frequent cultivars and mixtures of Chlorophytum comosum permit an extensive range of tastes worldwide.
  • The spider plant in the container grows better with fertilizer.
  • The most crucial benefit of this plant is the skill to clean toxins from the air while also being non-toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Your spider plant may grow flowers or may not; it depends upon the quality of soil, light level, and humidity.
  • Sometimes your spider plant surprises you by increasing and decreasing their feeding needs.
  • The amount of feeding also depends upon the type of fertilizer you use for your spider plant.
  • If the leaves of your spider plant are showing brown spots, then you need different tips and tricks to get them back in shape.

The best Spider Plant Fertilizers 

The fertilizer selection is also significant, so keep in mind that over-fertilization damages the spider plant. This damage shows in the form of brown dots on the tips of the leaves. The spider plant requires different types of fertilizers.

When you get your spider plant fertilizer, choose a general-purpose fertilizer. These fertilizers generally maintain the balance, so their NPK worth ​​will be 20-20-20, 15-15-15, or comparable. You can use both in the liquid and granular plan, but it is easy to apply liquid mainly if it is in a container.

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